Commercial Carpet Cleaning

HealthTech Cleaning Systems offers convenient and affordable commercial carpet cleaning to business clients in Maryland

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

and south central Pennsylvania. Commercial businesses are notorious for foot traffic throughout the day and night, which results in dirty carpet and muddy floors. With most businesses operating during the day and people not having the time to wait for a lengthy cleaning process, it’s essential that you find a commercial cleaning company offering carpet cleaning services that work around your business hours.

Carpet Cleaning Services

HealthTech Cleaning Systems, Inc. will go above and beyond to make sure we demonstrate how our commercial carpet cleaning services are superior. Our trained technicians will:

  • Visit your facility
  • Assess your carpets and floors
  • • Explain our eco-friendly cleaning system
  • • Clean a test area free of charge

Securing our commercial carpet cleaning services has a number of benefits to you and your company. Using our cleaning system will allow you to earn LEED Building credits. We are also the only EPA registered carpet cleaning system globally.

We perform more frequent cleanings in high traffic areas to preserve the carpet and appearance. Maintenance agreements make it easy to keep your carpets in top shape.

Many other companies use wet cleaning methods, which make large areas of your business inaccessible while it dries. We don’t do that— we use a dry extraction carpet cleaning method, which makes your carpet ready to use immediately, so we don’t disrupt your work flow. Additionally, we don’t use harsh chemicals, we are 100% non-toxic. So you don’t have to worry about what you or your employees might be breathing— you’ll be left with a fresh, clean working environment that will last.

If you need commercial carpet cleaning services or you are interested in custom matting for your business and would like to speak to one of our technicians, use the numbers below. We look forward to providing you with a clean, healthy work environment!

  • Maryland – (240) 397-9766
  • Pennsylvania – (717) 215-2515

Custom Floor Mats

Commercial Mat CleaningHealthTech Cleaning Systems also provides custom floor mats to business for lobbies, foyers, elevators, vestibules, and more. Spot-resistant and exceptionally durable, these mats can be custom cut to your unique logo or design for a totally exclusive look. Adding matting to your business ensures your employees’ and customers’ safety, helps preserve the cleanliness of your carpets and floors. and adds appeal to your business.

In Maryland, call us at 240-397-9766, and in Pennsylvania, call us at 717-215-2515. Maintenance agreements are available to keep your business looking its best at all times.