Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities and Hospitals

While cleanliness is important to any business, it is by far one of the most critical factors in a hospital or medical facility.  It not only has an impact on the appearance of a clean image to patients and medical professionals, but it has a true health factor as well.  According to the CDC, 1.7 millions people acquire an Healthcare Associated Illnesses each year while visiting a medical facility, with some of these cases even resulting in death.  Some of these cases are the result of dirty floors.

Health Tech Cleaning Systems specializes in cleaning hard surface flooring, tile and grout, and carpeting found in medical facilities.  Our cleaning methods use no high pressure water or acids which could break down grout.  Our special grouted tile system absorbs and removes dirt, leaving your floors clean and dry.  Additionally, we don’t use harsh chemicals, we are 100% non-toxic. So you don’t have to worry about what you might be breathing— you’ll be left with a fresh, clean working environment that will last.

Here are some statistics that you should know about what just ONE cleaning with Health Tech Cleaning Systems will remove:

• A minimum of 97% of mold spores
• 85% of pet allergens
• 90% of dust mites
• 89% of dust mite allergen