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We just had our carpet cleaned today and we are SO HAPPY with the results. We have two cats and a toddler and didn’t want to use harsh chemicals around them. HealthTech came out the day after I called them to do our carpets. I wish we would have done this sooner! Now I want the whole house and our couch upholstery cleaned. My only complaint is that the minimum to come out was a lot higher than some of their competitors, and we live on a small budget. Some our worst stains did not come out, but that is our fault for not cleaning them up better when they first happened. I would definitely recommend HealthTech again. With a toddler, we know we are going to need it!!

Laura Lacy Residential October 6, 2015

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No Chemicals, No Drying Time

The aspect that sold me is there are No Chemicals. Also you can walk on the Carpets right away, No Drying time. The person that came to do the cleaning was very pleasant and professional. My Carpets look Great! I will definitely use them again.

Maxine Residential October 6, 2015

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Carpets Look and Smell Great

We want to thank Sue and Mark of Health Tech Cleaning Systems, for cleaning the carpets in our new home. The previous owners of our home had multiple dogs. We were so happy with the promised removal of pet hair and dander considering our Family has some allergy issues. We were able to walk on the carpets immediately and there is no longer any signs of pets. The carpets look and smell great. Sue and Mark were kind, courteous and extremely efficient. We are thankful and very satisfied with their professionalism and work!

Michelle and Michael Enriquez Residential October 6, 2015

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Amazing Dry Extraction System!

They did our family room, stairs and hallway today. Amazing dry extraction cleaning system! Cleans like crazy and the carpets were almost completely dry when they left! If you want really clean carpets, this is the company for you!

David Winkelman Residential October 6, 2015

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They are experts at what they do!!!

I encourage everyone to use HealthTech for their cleaning needs! We had the most horrible looking stained carpet in our living room and hallway. I gave up cleaning it. Nothing worked and I refused to bring toxic chemicals into our home to try to clean it. The HealthTech system is toxic free and I saw IMMEDIATE results! My old carpet looks brand new, it is amazing! I am so happy! We could walk on it immediately. They did not use any harsh chemicals and my house smelled clean & fresh when they were done! They have the nicest and most professional staff. They are experts at what they do!!!

Susan Lovisek-Torborg Residential October 6, 2015

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I LOVE HealthTech!

After a few years of scorning the stains in my boys room, I tried to remove them myself. I scrubbed them down with a couple stain removing utensils. HealthTech is no fake! After a short visit, HealthTech’s products removed these spots… they just vanished! We’re talking 4-year old spots… in a young boys’ room! And it’s safe! I LOVE HealthTech!

Amy Reinke Residential October 6, 2015

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We Definitely Will Use Them Again

I am a partner of several Physical Therapy locations, and we have carpet in all of them. We have numerous spills and lots of foot traffic. We had a problem with spots returning after they were cleaned. We called Health Tech and told them our problem and they said that they Guaranteed our spots would not return. They were right they did not return and we are happy about that. I am very pleased with their Guarantee on All their work they do too. We definitely will use them again.

Mark Eckenrode Physical Therapist, Advantage Physical Therapy October 6, 2015

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